Teaching Page

During my second postdoc in Nathalie Reuter’s group in Bergen (Norway), I used to be a teacher assistant for Bioinformatic (MOL204) and a teacher for Molecular Modelling Course (KJEM220). With a colleague of mine, Mahmoud Moqadam, we took the full responsibility for this course from scratch. I used to teach the molecular mechanic part and Mahmoud taught the quantum mechanic part.

All the material of my part for KJEM220 is available here

During my PhD, I also give some practical courses for Students in University Paris 7 – Diderot:

L3 Bioinformatics :

M1 Bioinformatics, M1 ISDD, M2 ISDD :

M2 Ingénieurie de Plate formes and M2 Génome et Productivité Végétale:

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