This practical course aim to introduce molecular visualization software to 3rd year student through the Pymol Software. This course is under the direction of Gautier Moroy in University Paris 7 – Diderot. You will find of this page TD files and some advises that I can give a lot during theses lessons.



 Installation on your own computer

If you want to install PyMOL on your personal computer, go to this page, I explain how to install the last version on Windows and Linux.

Useful link :


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How can I color amino acids by they name or a color code?

Unfortunatly Pymol does not have a built-in function to do that….
Fortunaly we can create our own functions =D
I’ve made a script to color amino acids by a color-blind adapted color code [1].

  • Download the script below
  • Refer to this page on the Tutorial section if you don’t know how to execute it.
    [wpdm_file id=4]

 I Can’t manage to load a PDB (ascii error or Unicode Error).

Pymol doesn’t allow a non-classic character on the file path (accent, space etc…). Change the location of your pdb file or script file.


[1] Taylor, W. R. (1997). Residual colours: a proposal for aminochromography. Protein Engineering, 10(7), 743–6.


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