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On this page you will see Posters I presented during conference/talk and publications I’ve made. I hope to see this section growing up with time…


  • Three-Dimensional Representations of Complex Carbohydrates and Polysaccharides. SweetUnityMol: A Video Game Based Computer Graphic Software
    Serge Perez; Thibault Tubiana; Anne Imberty; Marc Baaden
    Glycobiology 2014;
    doi: 10.1093/glycob/cwu133


  • Dynamique d’assemblage de la capside des Norovirus – GGMM in Sète (France)
    May 2015
  • UnityMol : La Biochime à portée de tous – Igam4er competition at the Cité des Science in Paris (France)
    With Marc Baaden and Sebastien Doutreligne. Prized with the Gold Medal.
    December 2014
  • Sweet UnityMol, molecular graphics for Glycosciences  Faraday Discussion 169 in Nottingham (England).
    Prized with the Skinner Prize for the Best Student Poster.
    June 2014 
  • Sweet UnityMol: From Computer Game to Molecular Graphics for Glycosciences – XIV Congresso Scuola Chimica Carboidrati (XIV CSCC 2014) in Pontignano, Sienna (Italia).
    Presented by Serge Perez.
    Juine 2014.


  • Igam4er competition – Cité des sciences – Paris (france) – December 2014
    Poster presentation and animation/demonstration with Marc Baaden and Sebastien Doutreligne
  • Protein-Protein interactions on the genome scale – Paris (France) – October 2014
    Public audience
  • XIV Congresso Scuola Chimica Carboidrati (XIV CSCC 2014) – Pontignano, Sienna (Italia) – June 2014
    Poster presentation by a third person (Serge Perez)
  • Faraday Discussion 169 – Nottingham (England) – June 2014
    Poster presentation – prized
  • Dynamo Symposium – Evolution, Biogenesis and membranes dynamics – Paris (France) – March 2014
    Public audience



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